Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I get started training?

  A.  Just come to the dojo (training facility) on one of the class nights. You should arrive 20 to 30 minutes early to allow time for questions, general orientation, complete an application and standard waiver form, and you’re ready to get on the mat.    

Q. What should I wear?

  A.  Initially, anything that is light weight, loose fitting, and comfortable, e.g., light weight sweats.  Shorts are not recommended. You should not wear anything sharp or heavy (jewelry or belts) that may injure yourself or others.  You will want to obtain a uniform (gi) once you have joined and we can help you with that if necessary.   

Q. What is the usual class size and experience level?

  A.  Currently classes run anywhere from 5 to 10 students of varying experience.  Both beginners and more experienced students benefit from this mix which helps everyone to learn.       

Q. I’m not a young kid anymore and am not in the best of shape. Is Aikido for someone like me?

  A.  Aikido, particularly Ki Aikido, can be for everyone.  Since a primary objective is to learn to avoid using physical strength, it is well suited for people who are not large and physically strong to begin with or who may have the years starting to add up or may be out of shape.  You can do as much as you feel up to and gradually increase your capability as you train.   

Q. Do I have to take tests?

  A.  You don’t have to but it is recommended.  Testing should not be considered an ordeal but rather a learning experience, a way in which both you and your instructor can better judge how well you are learning, and a celebration of your continuing progress in the art.  

Any other questions?

  Call or e-mail us and we'll do our best to answer whatever questions you might have relative to our classes or Ki Aikido in general.