Aikido... a relatively new defensive martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba (known as O Sensei) in the 20th Century using principles derived from the arts of jujutso, kenjutso, and yarijutso as well as the Shinto concept of being in harmony with the Universe and all other beings. 


Ki Aikido…

 ... was founded by Koichi Tohei Soshu, who was an early direct student of O Sensei and served for many years as the latter's chief instructor (and the first to achieve the rank of 10th dan) before going on in 1971 to establish the International Ki Society with Headquarters in Japan and to continue his evolution of the principles of mind-body unification. Upon his death in 2011, he was succeeded by his son, Shinichi Tohei Sensei, who is ably continuing in his father's footsteps.  


Eastern Ki Federation... one of several Ki Aikido federations within the United States, having some 12 dojos within the eastern states. The Chief Instructor is Dr. David Shaner Sensei who holds the ranks of Hachidan (8th degree black belt) in Shinshin Toitsu Aikido and Okuden in Shinshin Toitsudo (Ki Development).